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I love making photographs. A simple statement that encompasses my passion for what I do. 


My own journey with photography started in 1984 with a 35mm film SLR, but really developed (no pun intended) in 2007 with my first digital SLR and a trip to Juba in Southern Sudan. I was awarded a Licentiateship from the Royal Photography Society (RPS) in 2013 and my enthusiasm for photography still grows, I am now an Associate member.


In 2018 I graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Photography from Bournemouth University/Wiltshire College Salisbury, I was shortlisted for the Student Awards with the Association of Photographers (AOP) and a winner of the British Institute of Professional Photographers (BIPP) Student Open Award. In the same year I qualified as a Licentiate with the BIPP.  

As well as enjoying my own photography, I like to learn from what other photographers are doing and also help and teach newcomers to the art. 

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Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Tel: 07904 965232



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