Confused and frustrated by your camera?

Do you shoot loads - hoping for a 'good one'?
The scene looked great, but your photo doesn't?
Do you buy more kit, but it makes no difference?
Do you get a lot of out of focus photos?
Don't get many 'keepers'?
Do you want 100s of 'likes' on your photos?

Said YES to any of these? My beginners photography course is for you...

  • Stop 'hoping' - start controlling

  • The missing ingredient - and how to get it

  • Save money for great locations instead of useless gadgets

  • Pin sharp perfectly exposed photos

  • More 'keepers'

  • Hundreds of 'Likes' and nice comment

Beginners Digital Photography 8 hour course
Beginners Plus Digital Photography 8 hour course
Intermediate Digital Photography 16 hour course
Photography Holidays and Field Trips