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"Working with Stuart was a wonderful experience. Neither of us are comfortable in front of the camera but Stuart's unobtrusive presence and constant professionalism meant that he was able to capture the entirety of our day with fantastic style. From the bridal party getting ready right through the ceremony and partying well into the night, Stuart has provided images of literally hundreds of great spontaneous moments and creatively posed groups (which still manage to look completely natural). He even made the most of a dark and rainy day, with some stunning pictures featuring a flash tucked inside an umbrella - he's able to cope with any situation!  


We would recommend Stuart to any couple getting married - he has provided a truly special memento of our wedding." 

(Hester & John, Oct 2019)



"Stuart's pictures were one of the best gifts from our wedding day, we were so thrilled, he captured not only the group shots we had requested, but the most lovely interactions between people; dancing, talking, laughing or just looking at each other. Stuart came to the house as the bridesmaids and I were getting ready and he was such a lovely, discreet and calming presence, we hardly even noticed he was there, as he captured the most wonderful shots of the girls doing each others makeup. His creativity in creating beautiful and unusual images really stood out as he used reflections in mirrors or polished car panels to create very iconic images. It was a wetter day than we had hoped for but Stuart reassured me that less sun means even better pictures, he was so right, at times he stood in the pouring rain getting soaked, but was totally unconcerned making sure he caught every moment, and when the pictures came out you couldn't even tell it was raining.

​We would recommend Stuart to anyone, he has huge talent, of the 800 images on the stick he provided our issue is not to find the few good ones, but to weed out any that aren't fabulous."


(Vix & Mark, July 2017)

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