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Another great day in the office

A wonderful day with Hester and John and a privilege to capture their wedding. The weather wasn’t it’s best, but that didn’t stop everyone having a lovely time. It allowed me to try a couple of new things and I’m really pleased with the results. 

I love my job, but one thing I’m finding difficult to reconcile is the photographer wedding couple relationship. I always keep it professional, there is no other way, but you do parachute in to the middle of a very special occasion for them, their family, friends and everyone involved. You have to be up close and personal at some very intimate moments and create a natural feeling, not staged or wooden. You have to blend in but also be in control.

One observation I find funny; during the speeches, 90% of the time the makeup and hair technicians, caterers, band, cake maker and florists are all thanked and rarely does the photographer and vicar get a mention. So when that does happen it is very welcomed.

The day is over and I return home to process the thousands of images taken, to find the shots where everyone has their eyes open, in focus and meaningful to the story. A week or two and the full set of images are ready to deliver and you receive  a message such as this, far far more rewarding than seeing the fee paid:

"Working with Stuart was a wonderful experience. Neither of us are comfortable in front of the camera but Stuart's unobtrusive presence and constant professionalism meant that he was able to capture the entirety of our day with fantastic style. From the bridal party getting ready right through the ceremony and partying well into the night, Stuart has provided images of literally hundreds of great spontaneous moments and creatively posed groups (which still manage to look completely natural). He even made the most of a dark and rainy day, with some stunning pictures featuring a flash tucked inside an umbrella - he's able to cope with any situation! We would recommend Stuart to any couple getting married - he has provided a truly special memento of our wedding." H 

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